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Being in a relationship is always the best thing in life, where you have a partner along you through your journey in life.  Having said so they accept you into their life and so do them . They accept your flaws & so do you. But to know if you are in a healthy or toxic relationship, your partner shouldn’t give you difficult nights, going to bed with tears & a heavy heart. Always making you worried with no explanation. Yes every relationship has it’s own ups and downs but walking away with a heavy heart just shows that the problems are not settled yet. You have to trust each other & make each other  confident you have their trust. Don’t go telling your problems out instead say it to your partner. 

You can date, be happy in the beginning but when one of you, feelings fade but you know you did your best , talk things out and ask the truth don’t go hard on yourself. Remember no one is perfect. If you are gonna leave your partner tell the truth,instead don’t go telling that “oh , ever since we started talking I don’t see what i wanted in the maturity and all. I gave months to test water but you don’t seem to be the one I’m looking for.” If the person you love do this instead to you won’t you feel they are giving hopes?

You don’t do that to a person,he/she can fall deeply in love with you without having the heart to think you will do that . It’s giving hopes and people have emotions. Don’t play with people feelings. Maybe just because of you , your partner can just shut their hearts feeling should they trust again , what if that someone new may do something similar to them again ? 

Not all relationships have to always go out on a date , even a call and a text still be a healthy relationship. 

Remember to four things :

• no one is PERFECT

• don’t give hopes if you know from the start you’re gonna do that

•find someone who accepts your soul and flaws

•always tell the truth & not taking advantage of the trust they entrusted you with.

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