Through the mirrors of a riddling life, there’s something bigger, odder, you only discern after ceding on trying. Is that once you feel pain you should never fear it neither face it absurdly. In fact, you merely ought to feel it, let it be, decipher it. Pain is what your muscles will be feeding on throughout the journey of life. And surely fear will take an immense place. Yet, it is but the wise option in the face of danger, If you don’t fear, you won’t rise.

And if we are alike, you are being pushed forcibly to the point zero, repetitively. Remember we are special. Perhaps you tasted the poison of disloyalty from a parent. A friend or a lover. Sickness maybe? You lost a job or it could be the university that you couldn’t succeed in. You are being sucked into the tunnel of existential interrogations. Lost a strong belief on something you’ve never thought you’d be doubting one day.

Rest assure dear wanderers who are lost. Indeed, we have been rejected from all things divine, however, we have fascinating stories to tell about human kind’s sufferances, psychological and physical ones. We understand life’s conundrum, we own the missing puzzle, which the people who have been offered that dull domestic bliss would never understand. They would never reach a deep comprehension of; fear, anger, need, submission, hate, anguish, sheer doubt, then numbness and fatigue. When after all of this, the real stillness emerges. Because we know happiness doesn’t exist, so we stop looking for this illusion and we start creating quietness instead. Only quietness and peace amidst all the calamities. 

We have books to write, lives to change, people to help, hungers to feed, science to explore and a whole earth to save, because it’s us who know how to create balance in this world. We know how gruesome it can get, and how we are virtuous and capable to alter it all to the best. 

Dear wanderers, indeed, we are broken, but the crack inside will not be filled and not by stagnation will it be mended only movement will set us free, with heavy hearts and slow steps towards our meaningful aspirations we’ll be healed.

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