Everyone wants a listening ear. Everyone wants to be seen, heard and understood. Everyone wants to be happy, be appreciated and be loved. We all want to be heard, respected and to be seen as the person we see ourselves. But how, how do you expect me to see you if all you do is taking abuse of my good intentions. If you make excuses for every single thing that goes wrong, even though you know it was your choice.

When I do my best to help you, be there for you. To hear you, to accept you. How can you use that. How can you, after all my good intentions, after all my understanding, my time and my good intentions. How can you have used me like that, you do not want to hear me, want to understand or treat me fairly. Treat me how I treated you. But still.. you expect others to respect you. How will you ever understand, if you don’t listen. How can you be proud of yourself if you use people like that? And how can you continue to deny it, when your actions speak for you.

When someone has trouble with their problems, when someone is looking for comfort, when they are asked for advice or help, I would always be there. Is it strange to expect that I would expect these thoughts, this help? I am committed to others, I prefer to see someone else happy than I see myself. I get satisfaction when I see another person happy when I have been able to help. I like to do it. When I look around me I see egoism, I see loneliness and lies. We no longer look around to help each other, we do not look at someone else’s happiness. People only think of their own happiness, even if that means taking away someone else’s happiness. We all say the same thing, we say that we are there for each other. People say they are there to help you, even if you do not ask. People say they show interest in you, see you, hear you. But do we ? You’ve got to ask yourself what you’re living for, who you’re living for, and if none of those answers begin with you then you’re living your life wrong. you’re living a lie. everything you do should revolve around you. every person, every place, ever moment should start and end with you. this is your life and you shouldn’t spend it on dull things, in people who don’t understand the type of love you carry within your bones. because you only live once and it’s your job to make it count. so let every day be yours, own it and never apologize for being who you are. When the things you did not ask to happen have placed a heavy burden on your heart and mind it is okay to take time to rest and to breathe, practicing the art of surrender, the bravery of trusting. for this, right here, is peace in uncertainty: it is not acting as though the unknown does not exist, but it is finding freedom from the fear and disturbance of it, knowing well within the soul the unknown is still unknown, but it has no hold on you it has no hold on the present moment, you are still free to rest and breathe

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