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The illusion of Self-Love: Why Mastering Self-Appreciation is hard
Ever since I was a kid, I always wanted to become the best. As is typical for a child who was bullied or body shamed, and even for some adults, being the best implies a victory, that you’ve manifested...
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The Power of Gratitude: Cultivating a Positive Mindset
Let me tell you a story… It’s a story about life… A story about what is likely coming your way. If you don’t understand the power of gratitude in human life… Then human life will be hard. If you DO understand...
INTRODUCTION When anxiety hits, you can’t exactly express it to others. But yet, every voice in my head wants to be heard. My racing mind and having these sleepless nights can say a lot. Under the surface...
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Burdens of the mind
I left the house with the intention of going to the liquor store. There are about 5 liquor stores within walking distance of where I live. When I say  walking distance, I mean 10 minutes away (on...
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we all need someone
It’s like everything in this world here; Has turned its back on my side. And I’m all by myself here, On this roller coaster ride. Flowing emotions, Hitting like the waves of an ocean, And it...
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Going Through Emotions AND MOTIONS
Hi. This is me. I am in my 20s, was university student till I dropped out, a writer, I love photography, I like drawing, I’m also more of an indoor boy and mostly emotional! I mention this one last...
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